Call Centre Training

CoursesCall Centre Training

Duration :

26 Days (Daily Two Hours)

Introduction :

Call Center TrainingThis training module comes across as a complete solution provider to the trainees in terms of working in a Call Centre. It helps the trainees acquire comprehensive training in communication skills with a special emphasis on reducing MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) and acquiring the Accent Neutralization. It also provides them with incisive insights into grammar, telephone etiquettes, customer service and Call-Centre culture as a whole. It contains a lot of activities, specifically designed for Call Centre training, like Role Play, Extempore, Group Discussion, Call Centre Simulation and Success Stories. This module discusses, in detail, various aspects of phonetics. It provides the trainees with the general idea about the important computer functions of MS-word, MS-Excel and Power Point. Some important topics of Grammar are also included in this module, such as Parts of Speech, Active Passive Voice, Conjunctions and subject Verb Agreement. It also contains the basic information about Call Centre, Job opportunities, Call Centre Culture and Customer Service.

Who should attend :

This module has been specially designed, with a meticulously devised curriculum, for the aspirants of making a successful career in the field of Call Centre.