Communicative English For Housewives

CoursesCommunicative English For Housewives


Duration :

39 Days (Daily Two Hours)

Introduction :

Communicative English For HousewivesThis is an innovative training module for Housewives. It acquaints the house wives with the four basic skills of English Language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills with care, comfort and confidence. It is a path-breaking assimilation of a variety of training innovations, carefully carved into a unique design. It is replete with a score of activities such as My Daily Routine, Memorable Moments, Image Interpretation, Story Telling and Role Play. It encompasses the chief components of the English Language such as grammar vocabulary Building, important and useful Communicative Functions and highly- helpful activities, extremely important for achieving good command over communication skill. As housewives have to successfully perform various duties, such as Home Management, Money Management, Cooking and Looking After Children’s Education, useful units about Indian Recipe, Home Management, Week end Plan etc. have been added with a view to providing the housewives with ample opportunity to help them acquire the confidence in speaking.

Who should attend :

This module has been specially designed for Housewives to make them acquire the Communication Skills with ease, comfort and confidence.