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French Module 1


CoursesCommunicative French – Level 1

Communicative FrenchThe aim of this course is to introduce French as it is spoken in France and French speaking countries. Learning to communicate in another language may be challenging but it is also very rewarding and enriching experience. The fastest way to master a language is by learning the rules. In this module we will take you step by step through all the essentials - providing a firm foundation for future progress.

The course is designed to be accessible for the absolute beginner. Each session lays out clearly stated objectives. Explanations are in English so as to make learning easy to understand.Units are designed to provide a window into how French is used to talk about a particular real-life situation.

It includes grammar, vocabulary building, pronunciations, accent and intonation covering topics necessary for initial communication in French. The module has variety of audio visual sessions and exercises to test understanding and help re-enforce the progress. Regular schedule of weekly activity including Role-plays will provide the environment to practice learned concepts.

Who should attend:

This module is specially designed for the beginners who want to begin the first step for learning French language.