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52 Days 78 Hours (Daily 1.5 Hours)


Communicative English For ProfessionalsCommunicative English for Professionals’ is a trail blazing and innovative training module in the field of Communicative English. It has been specially designed for the Professionals in various fields. This module provides a complete solution to master the Communicative Skills. It is a balanced combination of some of the most important topics of Grammar, some of the frequently used Speaking Situations and a score of interesting and useful activities. "Communicative English for Professionals" enables the professionals to master the basic skills of the language : Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing with ease, comfort and confidence. It is a unique and path-breaking assimilation of a variety of training innovations, carefully carved into a perfect design.

Communicative English for Professionals includes a variety of activities such as Things Around You, My Memorable Moments, Role Play, Image Interpretation and so on. Besides enriching the Vocabulary, it contains the topics for Reading Skills as well as Writing Skills. As Listening Skill is basic and inevitable to strengthen and master the Communicative Skills, this module includes an ample opportunity of Listening Practice.

Communicative English for Professionals includes all the salient modes of Communicative English and thereby refines and polishes the students’ Communicative Skills. It creates a student-friendly ambience and provides requisite motivation and enthusiasm. We, at STATION-e wish you a happy and enriching completion of Communicative English for Professionals.