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Scientific WayStation-e is a complete solution provider for Skills Development in India. Recipient of several awards, Station-e has emerged as the nationally recognized training corporation for skills development. Digital Labs, ICT-enable Skills Development Centre, Smart Class Room, and On-Site Training are the defining products which have transformed the learners across the campuses of educational institutions in the country. With 30 ICT-enabled Skills Development Centres across the country, Station-e has the unique distinction of training more than 100000 learners for various life and soft skills. The institutions which have entered into the association with Station-e range from NITs, State Universities, Engineering Colleges, hordes of higher education institutes and schools. With advanced tech tools and innovative training methodology, Station-e has carved a niche for itself in the skills development arena in the country.

Station-e has envisaged the concept of 'Skills Lab'. For efficacy of teaching-learning of soft skills, we have developed a futuristic 'Skills Lab' that categorically focuses on imparting skills to the learners through activity based learning and advanced technology. Learning skills is about ‘doing’ something in real life situations and hence we have evolved course modules that provide ample simulation of real life situations and sufficient practice for the skills to become internalized as second nature. Secondly, technology if appropriately employed can play a vital role in skilling people. In sync with this, 'Skills Lab' is a ‘lab’ equipped with next generation technology for various skills such as Communicative English, Leadership Skills, Team Work, Goal Setting, Interview Skills, Group Discussion, Resume Building and other life and soft skills to be imparted, learnt, monitored and measured. 'Skills Lab' has the potential to draw the learners into ‘putting skills into practice’ and ‘measuring’ their own ‘skills development’ through the tech tools at their disposal in the lab. 'Skills Lab' is also the most suitable model of skills development implementation as it presents a model that provides ‘quantification’ of skills development through technological tools and ‘demonstrable’ skills enhancement which is measurable against any criteria.

With the innovative concepts such as Skills Lab and many more, Station-e has emerged as a market leader in Skills Development with respect to soft skills in India.

Station-e is a fast emerging chain of language labs epitomizing a new era of training in communication skills.

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