Communicative English - (Pre-Basic)

CoursesCommunicative English – (Pre-Basic)



102 Days (Daily One Hour)


Communicative English – (Pre-Basic)This is a pioneering Communicative English Pre-Basic module. It consists of highly innovative and useful communicative activities, important communicative functions as well as High School level grammar topics. It is a unique and path-breaking assimilation of a variety of training innovations, carefully carved into a perfect design. It is replete with a score of activities such as Word Game Things Around You, Role Play, Visual Interpretation and Once Upon A Time. A number of Grammar based activities not only consolidate the topics of Grammar, that the learners learn but also give them ample opportunity to listen as well as to speak. As listening is fundamentally inevitable to learning English, they get to listen to a number of conversations and drilling exercise, throughout the module. With its unique ‘Evaluation methodology’, this module helps the learners acquire a high level of confidence in language learning. It makes use of highly advanced technological tools.

Who should attend :

This module has been specially designed for the High School Students of Gujarati Medium Schools as well as ITI students.