Conversational Proficiency

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30 Days (Daily One Hour)


Conversational ProficiencyThis module is a uniquely-designed Communicative English module. It is replete with wide-ranging Speaking Activities, related with some of the basic situational functions, widely used and useful in our day-to-day communication. It also includes vocabulary building, accent, rhythm and intonation in a compact and concise manner. This provides the learners with an opportunity to learn the art and science of speaking with rare finesse and confidence. it lays emphasis on the learners active participation with the use of highly advanced technological tools. It helps learners to acquire one of the basic skills-Listening, by getting them to listen to various audio files all throughout the programme.

One of the most salient features of the module is that, instead of dealing with the theory aspect of grammar, it includes only the practical aspect which eventually helps the learners a lot more. For that purpose, various useful conversational situations have been designed with innovative drills that not only give the learners necessary practice but also enhance their confidence while drilling the given exercises.

Who should attend:

This module has been specially designed for the learners who have the basic knowledge of the language but can’t communicate confidently.