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French Module 2


CoursesCommunicative French – French Module 2

Communicative French This course introduces new vocabulary for additional topics and improves grasp of French grammar.The module has been designed to function as a lively and accessible tool for students with an interest in expanding their knowledge of French. It provides the words and phrases necessary to everyday communication in a wide variety of contexts.

The subject areas are arranged so as to move outwards from people, relationships, and domestic surroundings, through everyday life, work and leisure, into the world at large. Within each topic, the information is ordered to provide a clear structure for vocabulary learning. The units also explore advanced grammar including tenses to enable students to use the French language in various daily life situations.

The aim is to draw language learners into a variety of linguistic contexts, such as they might encourage in a French-speaking environment, and to encourage intuitive assimilation of sentence structure reinforcing vocabulary learning.

This module is also enriched with exercises, audio visual files and activities including role play to imbibe the concept learned in the units.

Who should attend:

This module is advised for the students who have completed the module 1. Both the modules are suggested to the learners, who desire to learn French Language or have access to the language but who want to refine and polish their communicative skills.