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Vedic Mathematics Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha (1884-1960), former Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Puri culled a set of 16 Sutras (aphorisms) and 13 Sub - Sutras (corollaries) from Vedas. He developed methods and techniques for amplifying the principles contained in the aphorisms and their corollaries, and called it Vedic Mathematics. According to him, there has been considerable literature on Mathematics in the Veda-sakhas. Unfortunately most of it has been lost to humanity as of now.

The Sutras apply to and cover almost every branch of Mathematics. They apply even to complex problems involving a large number of mathematical operations. Application of the Sutras saves a lot of time and effort in solving the problems, compared to the formal methods presently in vogue. Though the solutions appear like magic, the application of the Sutras is perfectly logical and rational. The computation made on the computers follows, in a way, the principles underlying the Sutras. The Sutras provide not only methods of calculation, but also ways of thinking for their application.

Vedic Mathematics Level 1

Vedic Mathematics Level1 is the first step towards learning Vedic Mathematics.It is a unique module developed for the students to introduce basic concept of sutras and their applicability in practice. The module is practice oriented and covers the topics like understanding of sutras and sub sutras, basic concepts of Numbers, multiple methods of Addition and Subtraction using Vinculum and Suddha, multiple methods of Multiplication  using  Nikhilam, Division by Nikhilam method, multiple methods of finding Squares, divisibility test, digital root and many other concepts.  The module aims at making students comfortable to apply Vedic mathematics methods in mathematical operations.

Vedic Mathematics Level 2

Vedic Mathematics Level 2 is the second stage towards learning Vedic Mathematics. This module is designed to strengthen the basic concept learned in Level 1. As stated earlier, there are multiple methods for mathematical operations, this module covers additional methods. It covers further application of Vinculum, Multiple methods of multiplication using UrdhvaTiryagbhyam (Vertically and Crosswise), Squares by Yavadunam, Ekadhikena, Cubes by Anrupyena, division by ParavartyaYojayet, Cube root of perfect cubes, Fourth roots and many such concepts. This module covers beautiful and interesting methods of calculating tables, which are mostly used in mathematical calculations. This is again practical oriented module covering lot of practice and exercises to imbibe the concepts learned. This module emphasizes on pattern observation and applying choicest method during calculations.

Vedic Mathematics Level 3

Vedic Mathematics Level 3 aims at satisfying the thirst of students who have learned wonderful Vedic methods in mathematics. After the concepts learned at level 1 and level 2, Level 3 educates the students with higher concepts. This module covers application of Vinculum in Vertically and Crosswise method of multiplication in higher numbers, Flag method of Division using Dhwanjka, Applying working base method to Nikhilam method, Straight Squaring method to find squares, recurring decimal logics and pattern, converting fraction into decimal, Cube root of general cubes. All these concepts are described in detail with logic of sutras, but application is done by calculating in mind with simple and shorter steps. This module aims at giving upper edge to learners in Mathematics Skill

Vedic Mathematics Level 4

Vedic Mathematics Level 4 is aimed at enriching students with wide coverage of Algebra in Vedic Mathematics. Algebra plays very important role in student’s career. Algebraic application requires the students to be spontaneous and dynamic enough to relate to real situations. This module trains the students with algebraic application like Multiplication, Factorization, HCF, Division and solving of algebraic terms with Urdhvatriyagbhyam, Paravartya, Anurupyena, Sunyam Samuccaye, Vinculum and Nikhilam sutras. This module also follows practical approach covering lot of practical exercises to implement the Vedic mathematics in practical applications. It emphasizes on pattern observation and cultivating intuition. Arithmetic methods mastered at Level 1, level 2 and level 3 are applied to algebraic cases of that type – the beautiful coherence between arithmetic and algebra has been exhibited.