Communicative English - Level 1 (Basic)

CoursesCommunicative English-Level 1 (Basic)


Duration :

52 Days (Daily One Hour)

Introduction :

Communicative English Lavel 1 (Basic)This a trend-setter training module for the young learners of English language. It is a balanced combination of wide-ranging speaking activities, basic communicative situational functions and grammar. This module includes vocabulary building, accent, rhythm and intonation in a compact and concise manner. Highly innovative activities such as Picture Composition, Word Game, Event Narration, Role Play and Image Interpretation make this module unique and an ever-lasting experience by itself. It provides the learners with an opportunity to learn the art and science of speaking with rare finesse and confidence. It contains various audio files all throughout the programme. It lays emphasis on the learners’ active participation. With its unique ‘Evaluation Methodology,’ it helps them acquire a high level of confidence. It also gives them ample opportunity to get to know their strength and weaknesses in specific topics.

Who should attend :

This module has been specially designed for the learners, who have access to the language but who want to refine and polish their communicative skills. It is also ideal for fast learners of English language.