Communicative English - Level 2 (Advance)

CoursesCommunicative English-Level 2 (Advance)


Duration :

52 Days (Daily One Hour)

Introduction :

Communicative English Level2 AdvanceThis is a trailblazing training module to master communication skills with care, comfort and confidence. It is a heterogeneous combination of a wide range of speaking activities as well as extremely useful communicative functions. It also includes grammar, vocabulary building, pronunciations, accent and intonation. Thoroughly innovative activities such as My Memorable Moments, Role Play, What Would Happen If… and Chief Guest give the learners ample opportunity to listen and more importantly to speak. It provides them with an opportunity to learn the art and science of speaking with rare finesse and confidence. With its unique ‘Evaluation Methodology,’ it gets them to know their strength and weaknesses in specific topics at various stages of the module. It also includes a number of audio files all throughout the programme. This module lays emphasis on the learners’ active participation through functions, drilling and conversations. It gets the learners to acquire the standard accentual and rhythmic patterns by extensive practice sessions of listening and speaking.

Who should attend :

This module has been specially designed for the learners, who love to master the communication skills and for those, who are fast learners and have access to the language.